Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Brace Yourselves: Cuteness is Coming

One of the hardest things about moving, for me, was wondering how the cats would adjust each time. Although our cats are super travelers at this stage, I feel really guilty every time we have to pack them up and force them onto a plane. I remember my grandma telling me years ago that when she moved with a cat, they put butter on their paws. That way, the cats spent the first day in a new house licking their paws to get them clean, and that was enough time to lose the "smell" of the old house. I love that story, and I wish the same principle applied to longer moves.

Anyway, that's a super long intro to say that for the fellow cat ladies out there, our three fur babies are insanely happy in this jungle gym of a home here in Florida. It's warm, there are plenty of sunny spots to curl up a take a nap, and they have lots of room to spread out. Despite the space, of course, they still usually want to take a nap on my head at night. Obviously. They also love climbing on our mid-century furniture, which Tim has managed to turn into a great business: Trystcraft! (Head over there if you're into MCM furniture!)

If you hate cute things, now is the time to look away. This picture combines two of the most adorable things in the world, and they're napping while holding hands. HOLDING HANDS. It's almost too much.

This picture is especially cute because the cat pictured is reckless and wild most of the time. Here he is trying to figure out how to escape from the atrium. The ceilings are like 20 feet high, but he is going to keep trying. As they say in the South, bless his heart.

I vaguely remember that once upon a time, this blog revolved around food and running more than it did around cats and DIY. I'll get back there, probably. We'll see. For now, I'm enjoying not training for anything, running whenever I feel like and enjoying multiple guilt-free rest days whenever it rains/is too hot/my shakras are not properly aligned. I have many, many excuses.

And also...bonus picture. Because it's funny to see a demon cat in a fireplace. Right? Don't worry - we live in Central Florida. That fireplace is not getting used any time soon, so it is essentially just another toy for the cats. (See also: couch, bed, chair, walls...)


  1. love the demon cat, everyone should have one of those in the fireplace!

  2. Awwwwww that first pictures it too adorable. I'm so glad everyone (including the cats!) is enjoying the new home.

    I've had to move my cats several times, but never in a plane - just cars. :)

  3. Nice, back on the East Coast!

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