About Me

I'm a twenty-something full-time writer living in Georgia, Seattle Florida (as of 2014!) with my wonderful husband Tim, and our two (now three!)lovely cats. In 2011, we moved from Hong Kong where both of our families still live. We recently fulfilled our dream of building our very own home on a beautiful piece of land in Georgia. We then tried out the Pacific Northwest for six months and ended up in Central Florida in a mid-century home that we restored.

I want to blog about the things that interest me most--running, cooking, and eating. Nutrition is very important to me and I love to find ways to make foods just a little bit healthier, without sacrificing taste.  In 2012 I was diagnosed with amebic dysentery, which caused allergies to both gluten and soy. I now have to completely abstain from both, although I hope that eventually I can reincorporate them into my diet. (2014 update! I'm back on the wheat wagon, baby! Although I still eat minimal amounts.)

I have competed in some trail running races with my husband while we lived in Hong Kong, and now I'm getting into the swing of long distance running here in the Georgia/Tennessee area. I have run two marathons, one 50k and several shorter distances over the past couple of years, and I want to keep pushing my limits and see just how far and fast my body is capable of taking me. Here in Florida, I'm rediscovering the beauty of air conditioning and limiting my summer runs to a few miles at a time.

I love reading all of your blogs and peeking into your lives and workouts---and I hope you enjoy mine too!